Rodello's Salad

Italian cuisine at its finest.

Rodello's is a made-to-order, scratch kitchen serving unique and traditional Italian dishes right here in Leesburg, Florida.

At Rodello's, you can taste the difference! Our flour, pasta, and tomatoes are of the highest quality, imported from Italy with NO GMO's, or pesticides. All of our meat and produce are sourced locally in Florida, as we are a small business focused on supporting our local economy. 

Come enjoy delicious, fresh, healthy dishes in our beautiful dining room furnished with hand carved booths and tables imported from Italy.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are ready to give you an authentic Italian experience you will never forget!

Executive Team

Amadeo Avila - Executive Chef
Mari Cade - General Manager

Kitchen/Server/Bartender Team

Heather - Head Server
Jose - Saute Chef
Gabby - Pizza/Saute Cook
Lina - Salads
Rei - Head Bartender
Krista - Bartender
Beth - Bartender
Brianna - Server
Donna - Server
Alexa - Server
Jill - Server
Randi - Hostess
Alexis - Hostess
Cesar - Dishwasher
David - Dishwasher